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Award-winning author, Sue Rich, a twenty year veteran of the publishing industry, has received notable recognition for excellence in her craft.  With ten novels to her credit, one novella, two e-books on the market, and a co-author of a 'how-to' book for writers, Sue is a sought-after guest speaker at conferences, conventions, workshops, and meetings.  You may email Sue with questions or comments at: 

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Jilted and left destitute by Gabrial Bodine, Nichole Heatherton would do anything to follow the trail of her thieving ex-betrothed who stole her prized necklace--even disguise herself as a lady if ill-repute.  It was this bold masquerade that drew Bragen Alexander into her arms for one passionate, unforgettable encounter.

Tormented by clouded memories of a malicious crime, Bragen has searched for the one man whose lies could send Bragen to the gallows.  Now, tantalizingly close to confronting his most hated enemy, Bragen strikes a bargain with a headstrong beauty: if she leads him to Bodine, he'll bring her along on a tempestuous ocean crossing (as a stowaway in his ship's cabin) and help her reclaim her precious treasure.


"This fast-paced historical will catch you in its grip and hold you tight until the end.  Spicy characters, constant coflict, and a wealth of untold secrets make this well-written story a keeper.  A captivating reading experience." 

"Never a dull moment!  Brimming with excitement and adventure, I wanted to know what would happen next to Nicole and Bragen...Ms. Rich has what it takes to write an entertaining, exciting romance.  Bravo!"
--Gloria Miller, The Literary Times




Plagued by dreams of being chased through the swamps by a vicious killer, Ashlee Walker isn't sure what to think.  She's never been in the swamps, nor does she have any intention of going there, and she's certainly never enountered a killer.  But her dreams grow more vivid with each passing day. 

Lord Connor Westfield must find a cure for malaria to save his dying aunt--and Ashlee Walker, the daughter of a renowned physician, is his only hope.  But Connor never imagined the eerie connection he'd feel in the beauty's presence.

Ashlee is drawn to Connor in a way she can't possibly explain, and she wants to help him--but she's terrified.  The only way to save Connor's aunt is by going into the Florida Everglades...the swamps.


"A fast-paced, action-packed otheworldly romance filled with great characters... Readers will be enchanted from the beginning to the end."
--Harriet Klausner, Affaire de Coeur

"An exciting, wonderfully romantic tale...with just the right amount of eeriness mixed in."


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